LOIDEO is a Communication + Graphic Design (On/Offline) firm, our wiliness of action and positive impact on people's lives and their environment.


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Creativity can make the world better in any field. The creativity what it's basically is transform in the reality. That is what creativity is about and that act of transformation requires lot of values and if a person have them, creativity is fantastic.

The good design is all about responsability and when you learn the methodology and the discipline, you can apply to everything. Design should always solve a problem. But just solving the problem doesn’t mean it's good. We need to care about all the people having touch points with the solution. For a business, a good design is what brings company success. For an end-user, it’s about solving their need with ease of use and great experience. As designers, we think that taking responsibility for our design makes us better designers.

Intelectual elegance is something that we are refining continuously by education. We are always looking for knowledge. For us it’s important to have a critical mind because only through a critical mind we can sharp our creativity and become a creative mind. Sofisticated mind will know how to design things which are complexes but not complicated.

Discipline, attitude and way of been. What is important to understand it’s that everything we do should reflect our attitude. We are helpful to people, institutions and companies to reflect effectively their ideas, services and products. We enable this progress by defining an improved identity and experience, based in goals that strengthen the relationship with the users, clients, employees and the society.

Our job is to spread the notion of quality as much as possible. That is our mission. We are very sensitive to the notion of quality and because of that we do whatever we do for get a great level of intelectual. Our process of working is by subtraction more than by addition. When we start the project we try very much to refined and to be sure that it's the right thing. If it’s an improvement, it's imperative to do it.

We understand the Communication and Design (On/Offline) as key point disciplines. By means of this tools, someone can achieve an increasingly strong, solvent and defined identity which helps sell products and services, want them, recognize them and make them become more important and worthy inside and outside the borders.




Raúl Grande (Donostia, 1979) is a Creative/Art/Design Director, with wiliness of action and positive impact on people's lives and their environment. Nowadays he combine the management of his own Firm: "LOIDEO, Communication + Graphic Design (On/Offline)" with the teaching, practicing as a teacher of Typography and Projects in the same institution where he received his academic training: Kunsthal, Design College (The first and only in the Basque Country, and one of the most prestigious one in the national sphere), furthermore he teaches workshops and takes part in conferences related to creativity.

He is a truly admirer of the Modernism Movement, the International Typographic Style (Swiss Style) and unconditional follower of The Vignelli Canon. The results that he obtain are thanks to the legacy of first level firms such as: Fabrica, Benetton´s Communication Research Center (Italy). Oscar Mariné Brandi, Artist, Illustrator, Typographer and Designer, Design National Award 2010 (Madrid). IED, European Design Institute (Madrid), as an associate teacher. These firms offered him the confidence to face up international and national contracts such as:

· World Health Organization
· Arnoldo Mondadori Editore
· Journalists Without Borders
· Queensland Music Festival in Brisbane
· Prisa Group
· Ivorypress
· Foster + Partners
· United Nations
· Madrid City Hall
· SEACEX, Spanish Cultural Association
· SSIFF, San Sebastian International Film Festival
· ZINEBI, Bilbao International Film Festival
· Fundiciones Teatrales C, S.L.
· El Amigo de Lenon, Productora
· Castafiore Films
· Ico-D International Council of Design




· Donostia City Hall
· Irun City Hall
· Hondarribia City Hall
· CICC-Tabakalera
· Acción Cultural Donsotia Kultura EPE
· Victoria Eugenia Antzokia S.A.
· Asocs. de Comercio de las Caps. Vascas
· Impact Hub Donostia/San Sebastián S. COOP
· Fundación EDE Fundazioa, Bilbao
· Asoc. Empresarios de Hostelería de Gipuzkoa
· Verami S.L.: La Bretxa, Donostia
· San Vicente de Paul Ikastetxea, Irun
· La Barajilla S.L.
· Innobar Catering Equipment S.L.
· CEPA Yucatán, Madrid
· CEPA “Don Juan I”, Madrid




Open to new challenges, to learn and explore new fields, we discover the New Risography (A more ecological printing art with vibrant aspect and genuine texture), a respectful technology with the environment, which allows us to reach solutions and radically contemporary results.

In 1958, the Japanese company RISO launched a printing device that was called Risograph. It´s a printing process between the mechanic and the digital print, this process is based in screen printing technics that allowed to print many copies as a Xerox machine. With this technique the colors are being transferred to the paper without heat or chemical substances, which makes the process more ecological due to the energy saving. Furthermore, the printing results are recognized for their urban aspects and contemporary radicality due to the colorful strength, a genuine texture and the perfect imperfection of the final touches.

We have this resource, including 12+1 special plain colors/inks/drums
(a singular characteristic in the national sphere) Pantone® equivalents:

· Pantone® 3005 U / Blue
· Pantone® 354 U / Green
· Pantone® 288 U / Federal Blue
· Pantone® 2685 U / Purple
· Pantone® 321 U / Teal
· Pantone® 1245 U / Flat Gold
· Pantone® Warm Red U / Red
· Pantone® 7526 U / Brown
· Pantone® Yellow U / Yellow
· Pantone® Orange 021 U / Orange
· Pantone® 806 U / Fluorescent Pink
· Pantone® 424 U / Light Gray

· Pantone® Black U / Black

Creators, producers and artists are welcome to known this printing new spirit, that allows a great value to their final touches, to obtain beautiful laminas, cards, fanzines and experimental printing products.


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